First Cut

First Cut
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First Published: Sat, Feb 03 2007. 12 00 AM IST
Updated: Fri, Feb 02 2007. 11 05 PM IST
 Now that all your crucial questions have been answered (name, colour, size and launch date), it’s time to sit back, unwind and actually enjoy the newspaper. Yes, it’s a business paper, but one that understands you’re ready for something different by Saturday. After all, you can’t spend the weekend interacting with PE multiples.
Not like there’s time to do any number crunching on weekends. There’s the daughter who turns into a devil at the dining table. The exercise (and sex) you’ve put off for five days now. That surprise holiday you want to plan in March, four days and somewhere different, please. That shirt (purple or grey?) or bag you’ve been planning to buy for two weeks now. Will silver take you through the season longer than gold? Perhaps you should stick to patent-leather? All those books, movies and gizmos to sort through. Art? Music? You get the drift.
Starting today, we’ll be your weekend advisor, organizer, playmate, kick-starter, life-starter. And so that you don’t drown in all this guilty pleasure, we’ve thrown in some insightful writing on careers and a weekly business profile, too.
A few weeks ago, we met Hollywood yogi Bikram Choudhury. He’s setting up a sprawling school in Juhu, the heart of Mumbai’s film community. By summer, Hot Yoga will be the latest yoga choice in the market. But do you really want to lock yourself in a 41°C room, even if it’s with one of Choudhury’s US-trained instructors? Especially if, like me, you’re still grappling with basic problems like the inability to touch your toes. We’ve helped you understand which yoga is right for you on Page 12.
Parenting is one of those areas in life in which you come up tops on the occasional perfect Sunday. Everything in your life seems beautifully in sync. If you’re lucky, that balanced feeling lasts the whole day—realistically, you’re dragged down by tantrums, diaper rash, the sound of Japanese animation characters like Shin Chan speaking in Hindi. I hope you like our parenting section (on Page 7), which is designed to help you see the fun in it all.
It’s a power-packed first issue—Luang Prabang (bet you don’t know anyone who’s been), polo fashion, three weighty columnists and lots of amazing experts (see right), who signed on because they wanted to be a part of something different.
Our focus is you, so please don’t look to us for diet tips from Koena Mitra or who will cater the Abhishek-Ash wedding or why two socialites threw wine at each other.
Of course we’re as addicted to KBC as you (I wouldn’t mind being enveloped in one of those SRK hugs myself, though I do miss Amitabh’s restraint) and, yes, whether we like it or not, Bigg Boss was a TV landmark.
But we’re more interested in where you holidayed, how you are bringing up your children, what you wear to work, which movie you should see this weekend and what your airport reading habits are.
We’re out every Saturday because we know it’s going to take you two days to get through the issue.
So, get started. Why are you still reading this?
Can’t wait to know what you think of the first issue of Lounge. Send me an email at
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First Published: Sat, Feb 03 2007. 12 00 AM IST
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