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Wall Mart | Shailesh Saraf
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First Published: Fri, Feb 23 2007. 11 56 PM IST
Updated: Fri, Feb 23 2007. 11 56 PM IST
The painting by Kim Kyoung AeWhen and why did you acquire this painting?
In the middle of 2005, this Korean artist had a solo show in Mumbai called Stirring Quartet. I had been following her work and spent a long time browsing her paintings. This work, in mixed media and oil on canvas, stood out. I immediately decided to buy it because I knew I would enjoy it every single day.
How long have you been collecting art and why were you interested in this artist?
I’ve been an art enthusiast since college and have been collecting seriously for the last 10 years or so. Kyoung Ae is a Vadodara-based Korean artist. Her roots are in Oriental painting, but her quasi-abstract style has Indian influences, which are obvious in the robust use of colour. Forms, not apparent in the first instant, emerge on different levels and complete the picture. Over the years, I have noticed more dimensions emerging from the apparent. The painting suggests no single truth to me.
Where do you display the work?
In my bedroom. In spite of its apparent abstractions, there’s a lot of drama in the work. It is a combination of various elements of nature—leaves, flowers—juxtaposed with a horse. Overall, it sends out positive vibes and makes everyone who looks at it feel good.
For most collectors, art is now a sound investment proposition.
Yes, I haven’t begun to think along those lines, but I may, in the future. The art industry runs like a cartel. A group of high-profile buyers and sellers, driven by vested interests, determine the prices. And art prices go whichever way they want them to.
So would you part with this work if it made good business sense?
I may. I haven’t thought along those lines.
What’s the next painting you plan to buy?
There are many promising artists today. But I’m looking forward to the auctions of Kim Kyoung Ae’s works. Her work is promising enough to become a part of the auction circuit.
Kim Kyoung Ae’s works are available at prices ranging from Rs1 lakh to Rs1.80 lakh
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First Published: Fri, Feb 23 2007. 11 56 PM IST
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