Buy gourmet coffee, exotic teas online

A look at some specialized online stores which cater to this demand

Most of us tend to rely on neighbourhood shops for buying groceries. But the variety and range of items they offer is generally limited, specially if one wants to try out different types of tea, chocolates or spices. Here are some specialized online stores which cater to this demand.

Teas and coffees

Vahdam Teas ( stocks over 100 varieties of tea—white, green, black, Oolong Chinese tea, organic and blended—based on the season and harvest region. You can also sign up for tea subscription, and receive a pack of five different teas on the 15th day of every month. Quarterly subscription costs Rs1,295. It deliver all over India. Delivery charges are Rs100 for orders below Rs500, and free for orders above that.

Indian Bean ( offers a range of coffee sourced directly from farms across India. For example, 250g of rare Watapi coffee will cost you Rs450. It delivers all over India. Delivery charges are Rs80 and for orders above a kilo, it is Rs50. sells locally sourced artisan coffee. They offer seven varieties of coffee prepared in different locations. For example, the Artisan Monsooned Arabica gets its flavour from exposure to the salty sea air of Mangaluru. It delivers all over the country. Delivery charges are Rs70 for orders below Rs1,000, and free for orders above that.

Chocolates and other snacks

Exotic Flavors of India ( is a one-stop solution for people who are particularly fond of sweets and it can deliver them from popular shops such as KC Das (Kolkata), Punjabi Ghasitaram (Mumbai) and Chaina Ram (Delhi). You can search for sweets or snacks based on the region they are associated with or by the name of the store. It delivers across India. Delivery charges are Rs80 for 500g; Rs130 for 1kg; and free for orders above Rs750.

For chocolate lovers, Moddy’s ( sells over 105 types of home-made chocolates and offers free delivery. For dry fruits, there is Dry Fruit Basket (, which stocks nuts like W180 and W320 cashews, pishori pista (pistachio), and Afghan black kishmish (raisins).

As for spices, The Spice Market ( is one of the best stocked online stores. You can order anywhere from 25-500g of powdered or raw spices. It also stocks flower and vegetable seeds and dried flowers. It delivers all over India, with a standard delivery charge of Rs49.

Fresh food

Fresh To Home (; free app for Android and iOS) stocks a variety of fresh water and sea fish, poultry products and mutton. It delivers in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Delhi NCR, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi with a delivery charge of Rs50. (free on Android and iOS) stocks 158 types of vegetables, including fresh sugarcane, banana flower, elephant yam; 67 types of fruits; and over 700 varieties of food items such as sauces, pickles and seasonings. They deliver within 3 hours of placing an order, and are currently available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Thane. Delivery is free for orders above Rs750, and Rs30 for orders below that value.

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