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ID your inner traveller

ID your inner traveller
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First Published: Fri, Apr 25 2008. 12 10 AM IST
Updated: Fri, Apr 25 2008. 12 10 AM IST
1. When do you take your holidays?
a) After the end of the financial year
b) In tune with the destination
c) Coinciding with school vacations
d) Anytime I feel like it
2. Your principal travel planning tools are
a) Resort brochures
b) The personal planner. Someone accessible 24x7
c) Websites, travel blogs
d) A dog-eared Lonely Planet
3. Your kind of destination is
a) Far away, chilled out, superbly serviced one-stop shop
b) Where the adventure is
c) Where there’s a lot to see, especially for the kids
d) Any place is good enough
4. How do you get there?
a) Full-fare, business class
b) Chartered aircraft
c) Budget airlines
d) Bus, train or ox-cart: the journey’s part of the fun
5. Who’s travelling with you?
a) The spouse
b) Three or four like-minded couples
c) The family, including—who else—the kids
d) Friend(s)
6. What’s your holiday wardrobe like?
a) Full-length khakis and cotton shirts
b) Swimwear, muted shorts and shirts
c) Changes of jeans and tees
d) Baggy trousers and a T-shirt
7. You never leave home without…
a) A printed itinerary, platinum card and BlackBerry
b) A sense of adventure
c) Seven bags, one and three-quarters for each of you
d) A vague idea of where you’re going
8. Comfort levels. What works for you?
a) Five-star service, exclusive spa, bath and pillow menus
b) Five-course meals served on Versace tableware in the wilderness
c) Five minutes when the kids are occupied
d) Five hours, or more, doing nothing
9. Food is…
a) About the tried-and-tested
b) An adventure in local cuisine
c) Whatever the kids want
d) Flexible. An on-the-run pizza one day, three-hours at an expat restaurant the next
10. A perfect vacation day is…
a) Breakfast in bed, a spa appointment in the morning, a Continental lunch, and a four-wheel drive to the nearest sights
b) Waking up to the sound of animals or surf, spotting a couple of the Big Five/snorkelling, a local gourmet meal, partying in the evening
c) Buffet breakfast, a ride in an open-top bus, using the multi-entry museum/sight pass, lunch on the run, a mall-crawl, and early dinner
d) Late breakfast at the nearest shack, two-wheeler ride through town, long lunch at roadside eatery, lounging at the beach, long evening with party people
11. Your camera is…
a) A discontinued digital SLR
b) A photographer’s dream, where you—not the camera—call the shots. Of course, it has all the latest attachments
c) Trim, stylish, pocket-sized, with just enough options to make you feel like a serious shooter
d) What camera?
12. Do you shop on holiday?
a) Always, mostly décor items for our homes
b) Occasionally, if there’s something I can’t get anywhere else
c) YES! How do others know I’ve been travelling otherwise?
d) If it can be shipped home
13. You soak in the culture by…
a) Interacting with the resort staff and guides. If it’s Bora Bora, it must be the Bora Bora Nui
b) Reading up, learning the language, getting close to the locals. If it’s Turkey, it must be Pamuk
c) Museum-trawling and signboard reading. If it’s London, it must be the Tower
d) Just being. If it’s Sydney, it must be Bondi
14. Your biggest takeaway is…
a) Pampering
b) Experience
c) A change in scenery
d) Mindspace
Mostly As: You’re in your 40s or 50s. Holidays are an annual pleasure, weeks blocked out months in advance, plans etched in stone. You’re ready to pay top dollar and for that you demand certain things: quiet luxury, courteous staff, comfortable transport, and a moderate amount of sightseeing. You probably like going back to a few familiar resorts or you may have a favourite hotel chain, which you stay with wherever you travel.
Tip: Try breaking the mould once in a while: Surprises are a good thing!
Mostly Bs: You’re closer to 30 than 50, at least in your mind. Your friends say you work in between holidays. You don’t mind paying top price, but in return you seek novelty and emancipation from the routine. Adventure runs in your blood, even if the only shooting you do nowadays is with your camera. You’re most likely found on big-game safaris, riding the waves at the scuba-diving beaches or white-water rafting.
Tip: Set aside some time just for chilling: Holidays are not about to-do lists.
Mostly Cs: You’re in your 30s. Family responsibilities weigh heavy on your mind, but you take travel seriously. Often, though, holidays are more hectic than your life back home, and you come back feeling ragged. You travel mostly in summer, during the long school holidays, and try to involve the kids in tracing routes, digging out trivia and planning child-friendly doables. Someday, when the kids are a little older, you dream of going back to ticked-off destinations in search of more ‘me’ pleasures.
Tip: Hunt down reliable child-care services at hotels for guilt-free adult time.
Mostly Ds: You’re single and in your 20s (or wish to be). You’re footloose and see no reason why a regular salary should imply a generous travel budget. Besides, you firmly believe one sees much more of the ‘real India’ (or Europe or Australia) on a shoestring than on a concierged holiday. You set off whenever fancy strikes and have few hang-ups about accommodation, food or transport. Goa is your natural home, but you are comfortable almost anywhere in the world, as long as there’s some good beer available.
Tip: Hang loose! But, if you’re hitting 40, do lop off that ponytail.
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First Published: Fri, Apr 25 2008. 12 10 AM IST