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Treats for the tutors

This Teachers’ Day, ditch the usual card and flower routine, and get your child to craft an edible gift
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First Published: Sat, Sep 01 2012. 03 47 PM IST

Handmade gifts are the best way to express affection. Take it a notch above by adding an edible element to the gift. These are gifts your child can make herself at home with minimum fuss, and very little expense—and a way for children to show their favourite teacher that he or she is appreciated.
Smita G. Srivastava writes a food blog www.littlefoodjunction.blogspot.in
Fruity cookie rings (age group 8-10)
Cost: For five cookies, approx. Rs 70.
5 Marie biscuits
photoFinely chopped fresh and dried fruits (opt for mangoes, cherries, pistachio, raisins)
2 tbsp honey
A small cookie cutter
Using the cookie cutter, gently cut out circles from the centre of the Marie biscuits (use gentle rotating motion or the cookie will break). To assemble, smear the biscuit top with some honey and top it with chopped fruits. Serve immediately. Parental assistance is required for chopping fruits and using the cutter.
Cookie card (age group 5-7)
Cost: For five cards, approx. Rs 40.
photo5 coloured A4-size pastel sheets (chart paper)
2 sheets of glaze paper (green and blue)
1 glue stick
10 flower-shaped cookies
Some cling wrap
Double-sided tape
Cut out clouds, grass and leaves from the blue and green sheets, respectively. Fold the A4 sheet and stick the cutouts. Tightly cling-wrap the cookies and stick on the card with double-sided tape. Parental assistance is required
for cutting leaves and cling-wrapping cookies.
Snowman pops (age group 5-7)
Cost: For eight Snowmen Pops, approx. Rs 50.
8 marshmallows
100g chocolate bar
A few colourful sugar-coated fennel (saunf)
8 toothpicks
Some edible red and brown food colour
A clean brush
photoBreak the chocolate into chunks and melt for 30 seconds in a microwave or double boiler. Parents should do this. Fix the marshmallows on toothpicks and dip the tops in melted chocolate. Place a piece of sugar-coated fennel/saunf on the top and keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 minutes. Draw facial features with food colour.
Flower on stick (age group 8-10)
Cost: For five flower sticks, approx. Rs 70.
photo5 cream cookies
A 100g chocolate bar
A packet of Gems
5 lollipop sticks or wooden skewers
A few artificial leaves and paper straw
Some craft clay
5 clay or plastic pots
Break the chocolate into chunks and melt for 30 seconds in a microwave or double boiler. Parental assistance is needed for this. Gently slit open the cookie, dab some melted chocolate and place the stick. Cover with the other cookie. Refrigerate for 2-3 minutes. Dip the cookie in melted chocolate, decorate with Gems and refrigerate again for 2-3 minutes. Wrap the flower with cling film. Place some craft clay in a pot and put in the flower stick. Decorate with a leaf and some paper straw.
Cake in a cup (age group 11-13)
Cost: For four cake cups, approx. Rs 50.
photo1/2 cup refined flour (maida)
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup vegetable oil
A pinch of baking soda
3 tbsp chocolate chips (optional)
1 tsp walnuts
I large egg
4 regular paper cups
Mix together the flour, sugar, cocoa and soda. In a separate container, beat the egg and mix in oil and milk. Gently fold in the flour mix to the wet ingredients. Add nuts and chocolate chips. Pour in paper cups and microwave for 2-21/2 minutes (do not overcook or the cakes will become hard). Parents can help children operate the microwave.
Cookie moustaches (age group 11-13)
Cost: For eight moustache cookies, approx. Rs 50.
photo8 cookies or Marie biscuits
A 100g chocolate bar
A few Gems
A small Ziploc bag
Some moustaches drawn on a piece of paper
A firm transparent plastic sheet (or an OHP sheet available at all stationery stores)
Break the chocolate into chunks and melt for 30 seconds in a microwave or double boiler. Fill the chocolate in the Ziploc bag and gently trim the corner. Place the plastic sheet on your drawings and pipe the chocolate in the shape of the moustaches. Gently lift the plastic sheet and refrigerate for 5-6 minutes. Slowly peel the chocolate moustache. Dab a dot of melted chocolate on the cookie and place Gems for eyes and then the chocolate moustache below. Pipe a chocolate dot for eyeballs. Refrigerate for a minute and cling-wrap.
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First Published: Sat, Sep 01 2012. 03 47 PM IST
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