A feast for gadget gluttons

A feast for gadget gluttons
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First Published: Tue, Jan 22 2008. 11 41 PM IST
Updated: Tue, Jan 22 2008. 11 41 PM IST
The annual Macworld Conference and Expo was a gadget glutton's dream come true: A smorgasbord of iPod bling, software and other technological bric-a-brac. The iFanatics swarmed over the floor last week, checking out new features on the iPhone, spinning the ultrathin MacBook Air, which seemed to levitate in mid-air from a thin wire, and ducking into egg-shaped pods supplied with a soundtrack designed to provide “binaural beats” that optimize the catnap.
There are an endless number of iPod and iPhone covers, in leather, plastic, cloth, and leather and practical software such as Quicken for Mac—but there’s plenty of other iStuff, too.
Why limit yourself to rearranging the furniture? This $299.99 (Rs11,819) wireless speaker sound system from Griffin Technology Inc. lets you pick up the cube-like speakers by their rubbery grip and position them up to 150ft away, without the usual tangle of wires and cords.
The iPod already made a music collection portable. Now you can leave your collection in one place, but bring the sound with you.
In keeping with the theme of the show, “There's something in the air”, the $179.99 iMuffs headphones allow people to stream music from an iPod to headphones through a Bluetooth connection. These muffs won’t keep your ears warm, but you won’t get tangled up.
This pedestal for the iMac has been around for a while, but home-furnishing fashions haven’t caught up with its insect-like aesthetics yet. The desk, which comes in different models but starts at $333, features two attached cup holders that can double as computer speaker holders, a swivelling stand for the monitor, and an underbelly with a dome light, meant to illuminate the keyboard for late-night users. You can wheel your computer in and out of your room, but good luck finding matching furniture.
Headphones, iPod cases
The iPod accessories recommended for surfers, snowboarders, swimmers, kayakers—and frequent bathers—from H20 Audio. The rugged headphones promise to stay on during extreme sporting manoeuvres, through extreme weather, and in Olympic swimming competitions. The new iSH2, a waterproof case and headset for the second-generation iPod Shuffle, has been endorsed by Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, who probably won't be wearing this gadget at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Axiotron Modbook
This company took a Macbook and turned it into a tablet, “penabling” the screen so that people can skip typing and get back to “state-of-the-art” input. That means you can draw or write on a screen that acts like a piece of slate, instead of typing.The pen comes with a pencil nib, a felt nib and a spring-loaded studio nib and includes built-in GPS. It's meant for creative types.
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First Published: Tue, Jan 22 2008. 11 41 PM IST