Wall Mart: Naval Bir Kumar

Wall Mart: Naval Bir Kumar
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First Published: Sat, Feb 10 2007. 02 53 AM IST
Updated: Sat, Feb 10 2007. 02 53 AM IST
When and how did you acquire this painting?
It was three years ago. I had been on the lookout for Parthan’s works. I came across this particular work, which is acrylic on paper, through a gallery in Mumbai and instantly decided to buy it.
What about it appealed to you?
The fact that it is a portrait in the abstract genre. The first time you look at it, you can spot blotches of colour in a style that’s quintessentially Parthan. When you look closely, you can see artist Bhupen Khakhar’s profile, with his spectacles and facial features. I fell in love with the intelligence and subtlety that have gone into the work.
Where do you display the work?
It’s in my living room. When I first bought it, I decided on one particular corner from where it was easy to interpret the abstract blotches as a portrait. It’s still in that corner.
What influences you when you buy a work of art? Do you follow market trends?
I do follow market trends, although the current market scenario doesn’t allow me to buy works by famous painters. But ultimately I have to be convinced that I’d be able to enjoy the painting every day of my life. I can’t define that quality, it’s almost instinctive.
Would you part with it for a good price?
No. I don’t look at art as an investment.
How often do you buy art?
Four to five paintings a year. Now I’m looking out for younger, lesser-known but promising artists.
Baiju Parthan’s works are available at prices ranging from Rs5 lakh to Rs30 lakh
Sanjukta Sharma
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First Published: Sat, Feb 10 2007. 02 53 AM IST
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