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Books List | Sarnath Banerjee
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First Published: Sat, Feb 23 2008. 12 02 AM IST

Updated: Sat, Feb 23 2008. 12 02 AM IST
Corto Maltese
By Hugo Pratt
He is a discerning traveller—James Bond and Marco Polo rolled into one cigarette. He is exotic as he originates from Spain and travels everywhere. People who have read him develop a world view, not from the usual colonial context, as Maltese is half-gypsy himself. He always stood up for the unheard, marginalized voices.
By Hergé
There are a number of reasons I like Tintin—his intelligence, common sense and his great sense of adventure. He is always sticking his neck out for the underprivileged. He is also multi-skilled—from flying an aircraft and using a machine gun to fixing a broken car. At the same time, he is completely down to earth.
Nestor Burma
By Léo Malet
He is a French detective who came into prominence during World War II. He is part of the French resistance and is a very film noir kind of a guy. He has a great sense of what was happening behind the scenes of the war, the social reality. And through him, you can enter that reality.
By Aabid Surti
He used to wear orange kurtas and blue jeans—before the RSS took over the colour orange—and drive a Jawa motorcycle. The son of a dacoit, he becomes a good guy. He is extremely stylish, and has a girlfriend called Bela, who looks like (actor) Neetu Singh when she was young. The whole thing was ‘Sholay’-esque.
Modesty Blaise
By Peter O’Donnell
Nobody looks as good in black as Modesty Blaise. She is the sexiest woman in comic book history. She has extremely original ideas on love, sexuality and narcotic smuggling—she’s the female James Bond.
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First Published: Sat, Feb 23 2008. 12 02 AM IST
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