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App Radar: Must-have new apps and games for Android and iOS

Some of the apps launched this month include a smart audio recorder, a diet tracking app and a new superhero game by Warner Brothers

F1 2016 offers over 21 officially licensed racing circuits, 11 teams and 22 world renowned drivers competing in the 2016 season.
F1 2016 offers over 21 officially licensed racing circuits, 11 teams and 22 world renowned drivers competing in the 2016 season.

The past few weeks have been a bit silent, and we haven’t seen any major new app announcements from app or game developers this month. Except for a few high-profile names such as Microsoft’s Selfie app, Google’s YouTube Kids, Warner Brother’s DC Legends and Codemasters F1 2016 games, the app world was largely dominated by new comers and start-ups. Yet we have persisted, trudged down the deepest and darkest depths of the application stores to emerge with some interesting apps and games for Android and iOS that you may like to try out.




It is an audio recorder which allows users to mark important parts in the recording with a note. So during a recording, you can add text without interrupting it. Once the recording is saved in a vertical scroll according to the dates, you can see all the highlights with the notes in the recording. The notes will mention the exact duration and time when the note is taken. You can log in with office 365 or Google account and use it offline, but to access your saved recording you will need an internet connection as it saves them online.

Peppy Wallpaper



If you are bored of the preloaded stack of wallpapers on your phone, you should try Peppy Wallpaper app. It has a huge inventory of about 100 beautiful and unique wallpapers arranged neatly in a vertical scroll. These are high-resolution wallpapers with resolution of 3,200x 2,560p and file size of 300kb and above. It is an online app but allows users to download the wallpapers on their devices and access them anytime. There are no advertisements or charges for using any wallpaper. It also stocks a few watch faces for smart watches, but charges between Rs.100 and Rs.134 for the paid ones.




It is a diet tracking app for users planning on cut down their calorie intake. Users can pick up one food item from the app inventory and the app will provide a breakdown of how much protein, sodium, carbohydrate and fat it carries along with the calorie intake. The interface looks neat and smartly organised. You can look for food items based on frequently consumed food items, type, brand, or simply type in the keyword in the search bar. The in-built barcode scanner can come in handy while shopping for food items and can provide an idea of what is healthy and what is not.

F1 2016



Developed by Codemasters Inc., F1 2016 for mobile devices looks as visually breathtaking as the console version. The game offers over 21 officially licensed racing circuits, 11 teams and 22 world renowned drivers competing in the 2016 season. The game play is challenging, but the controls are flexible. You can use on-screen controls or simply use the tilt screen controls to manoeuvre the car. The game is currently available only on Apple devices running iOS 9 or higher and takes up 2.67GB of space after installation.

DC Legends


Android, iOS

Developed by Warner Brothers, DC Legends is a third-person, turn-based action game. The game is about a bunch of superheroes from DC comics such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern teaming up to protect their universe. Set in mesmerising locations from the world of DC comics such as Metropolis and Themyscira, the game is divided into short but challenging missions. The controls are user-friendly and clearly marked on the screen, the graphics look immersive, while the overall gameplay is fun.

Vector 2 Premium


Android, iOS

The sequel to the popular Parkour-based running game, Vector 2 Premium is a lot more graphical and challenging to play. Unlike the free version, this won’t annoy users with incessant advertisements or delay their progress when the player is running short of energy. The game provides unlimited energy which is like stamina and is required for the player to run. The game also provides free access to kits which include hi-tech gear and can help the runner survive longer.

The Trail


Android, iOS

The Trail belongs to a rare genre of exploration-based games where the objective is to find new places. What makes it a bit more interesting is the rich gameplay and the options it provides. Players can collect rare gems and items on the trail, trade them and finally settle down at Eden Falls. It is an interactive gameplay that works by tapping on screen or through swipe gestures. The fact that you can play in portrait mode means you can play it single-handedly, but it requires seamless Internet connection to play.

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