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First Published: Mon, Apr 28 2008. 12 20 AM IST
Updated: Mon, Apr 28 2008. 12 20 AM IST
I hold shares in Rajasthan Breweries, Standard Capital Markets, Hindustan Nitro Products Gujarat and Taneja Aerospace, all in physical form. Are these companies still listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange or any other exchange? I want to dematerialize these shares.
- P. Mohandas
Rajasthan Breweries Ltd was delisted on 20 April 2004 from the Bombay Stock Exchange, while Standard Capital Markets Ltd and Hindustan Nitro Products Gujarat Ltd are suspended from trading. Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd is currently listed and its last closing price was Rs135.15 on BSE on 25 April. You can only dematerialize shares in Taneja Aerospace.
I hold 1,000 shares of Niraj Petro and it is not been listed for so many years. Will I ever be able to get out of this company or is it just a paper left with me?
- R.V. Raman
Niraj Petro was last traded on 14 February 1997 and since then the stock is suspended. There is no more information available about this company with us. Unless this stock starts trading or goes in for liquidation, there is no chance of you getting any money out of it.
I hold shares in Yes Bank (50 shares purchased at Rs162.58), PowerGrid (45 shares at Rs96.52), Suzlon Energy (nine shares at Rs300.12) and MRPL (30 shares at Rs92.98). What would be your advise regarding these shares from the short-, medium- and long-term perspectives? I plan to hold on to them for the long run. Would you advise investing more money in these stocks now?
- Parameshwar Iyer
You have a very decent portfolio, which has very bright future prospects. All the stocks have reasonably good potential for further appreciation even at current levels. Since you are a long-term investor, you can buy more of Power Grid Corp. Ltd and Suzlon Energy Ltd at current levels.
I am a fresher to the market. I want to invest in mutual funds. Please help me with how I should start analyzing the mutual fund market.
- Nishu Jindal
First of all, as you said you are a fresher, you should learn about the mutual funds and all the terms associated with them, how they function and what are the different schemes. When you are through this, you can learn analysing mutual funds, for which you need to know a lot of things such as the individual performance of stocks in its portfolio and their future outlook, the economic scenario in the country, likely trends in stock markets, past performance of the funds and so on. On understanding this and all other things, which affect the stock markets, you would be able to analyse mutual funds properly.
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First Published: Mon, Apr 28 2008. 12 20 AM IST