Did You Know | RBI has a special website dedicated to the common man

Did You Know | RBI has a special website dedicated to the common man
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First Published: Mon, Nov 07 2011. 09 43 PM IST

Updated: Mon, Nov 07 2011. 09 43 PM IST
The bank’s customer care executive on the other side of the phone line may not be too cooperative and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) website may be an information overdose. Then how do you find a small and specific information that you urgently need to know? Well, RBI has a website especially dedicated to the common man and this can be of help.
The Website
RBI has a website, calledhttp://www.rbi.org.in/commonman/English/Scripts/Home.aspx, for the common man. The central bank’s website offers information on various topics in an easy to understand language. The thought behind the website is to reach out to the people and disseminate information regarding various banking-related activities.
The Information
Apart from information on various roles and functions of RBI, this website also contains information on various regulations which affects your banking transactions. This website works like an one-stop shop for information on various notifications, press releases, master circular and customer service guidelines. The website also gives information on various service-related charges and cheque collection policy by providing the relevant links to more than 50 banks’ website on a single page. This means that you don’t need to remember or visit several websites.
Also, if you are someone who is looking for an authorized dealer of foreign currency or a money changer and not sure if you’ve approached the right party, this website solves your problem by providing a list of such entities. That’s not all, it also provides a list of entities whose licences have been cancelled.
The website offers elaborate answers to frequently answered questions on various topics related to banking, foreign exchange, government securities, non-banking finance companies and various payment systems.
Other Utility
Apart from getting information on various topics, you can also use the website to lodge complaints against banks or non-banking finance companies regarding deficiency in service and other related issues. If you have a grievance against any RBI department or office, you can file a complaint through the website. The website has games related to money matters which can be used to impart financial education to your kids as well.
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First Published: Mon, Nov 07 2011. 09 43 PM IST
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