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Horror in Hyderabad

The twin blasts that struck busy areas in Hyderabad on Thursday evening led to the death of 14 innocent victims and injuries to another 119.
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    Authorities and onlookers at the site of the bomb blast at Dilshuk Nagar in Hyderabad. According to the initial death-toll, 14 people died and 119 people have been injured in the latest act of terrorism. AFP
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    According to police reports two bombs placed on bicycles exploded in the crowded market-place close to a theatre and a fruit market in Hyderabad. Reuters
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    Most of those injured during the bomb blasts were rushed to the nearby Osmania General Hospital. Reuters
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    A relative of a victim who was injured during a bomb blast cries at the hospital in Hyderabad. Reuters
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    Police and locals investigate the site of the twin bomb blasts at Dilshuk Nagar in Hyderabad on Thursday. The mangled vehicles point to the intensity of the blasts that took place within minutes of each other. AFP
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    80-year old Sukka Kondaiah, sits at her residence in Hyderabad beside the body of her son Sukka Venkateshwarlu, lying in a coffin after dying in the bomb blast. AFP
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    Police search for clues at one of the blast sites. The presence of huge crowd meant that the police struggled to collect evidence.AFP

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