Shell and Goldman Sachs enter Public Eye Hall of Shame

The two corporations have won this year’s Public Eye Awards instituted by Greenpeace Switzerland and the Berne Declaration for their respective social and ecological misdeeds
  • Shell has won the public awards for stepping up the hunt for fossil fuels in the fragile Alaskan Arctic and dropping renewable energy completely from their long-term strategy. Mint
  • Goldman Sachs’s headquarters in Manhattan, New York. The company has won this year’s jury award and has been described as the vampire of finance capital for pocketing horrendous fees to hide half of Greece’s public debt. AFP
  • Other nominees: The Public Eye Awards release said “The stench of corruption follows French energy and transport company Alstom all over the world. (It) systematically bribes local politicians, secure contracts. AFP
  • According the Public Eye website, another nominee, Coal India that operates 90% of all coal mines in India, sacrifices everything for profit: 205 workers died last year in the mines of which 239 lack an environmental permit. Mint
  • Another nominee was the British security firm G4S which mans and manages prison security for Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories. Public Eye cites its record for illegal settlement and torture of Palestinians. AFP
  • Workers protest at the Lonmin platinum mine on 14 September 2012 in Marikana, South Africa. The South African mining company, according the Public Eye website, instructed the police to break up the strike which resulted in 44 deaths and over 60 injured. AFP
  • A Repower plant. The Swiss energy corporation was nominated by the Public Eye website for building a hard-coal fired power plant in Calabria, Italy, which chose to engage with corrupt politicians ignoring opposition from the local population. Repower Website