The Korean crisis: North Korea’s aggressive postures

Since North Korea’s nuclear test on 12 February, tensions on the peninsula have been escalating. North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) recently released some pictures showing Pyongyang’s increasing belligerence.
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    North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un holds up a pistol as he supervises firing drills on 5 April. Following the US-South Korea annual military drills, on 30 March, North said it is entering a “state of war” with South. Reuters/KCNA
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    A military dog bites a dummy of South Korean defence minister Kim Kwan-jin on 6 April. On 2 April, North Korea announced the restarting of Yongbyon reactor and the next day it blocked South workers from Kaesong industrial zone. Reuters/KCNA
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    North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un discusses the strike plan with North Korean officers on 29 March. North Korea on 5 April said that it cannot guarantee safety of foreign embassies. AFP/KCNA.
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    North Korean soldiers take part in shooting training with images of South Korean defense minister Kim Kwan-Jin. A news reports on 8 April said South Korea suspects that North could be preparing for another nuclear test. AFP/KCNA
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    North Korean workers return from the Kaesong Industrial Park on 9 April. North Koreans failed to show up at the Kaesong joint industrial zone, after Pyongyang said it was suspending operations at the Seoul-funded complex. AFP
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    North Korean students march at the Kim Il-Sung Square in Pyongyang while singing wartime songs in chorus on 17 March. Despite Pyongyang’s sabre rattling, the armistice between the two continues to hold, AFP/KCNA

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