The world’s 10 cheapest cities

Delhi and Mumbai are among the world’s cheapest cities to live in, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s worldwide cost of living index.
  • RANK 1- Karachi, Pakistan: The world’s third most populated city, Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city, its main seaport and financial centre. In picture: an aerial view of the city. AFP
  • RANK 1-Mumbai, India: The commercial capital of the country, is also the major seaport on the Arabian Sea. It is notorious for its high real estate costs. In picture: an aerial view of Mumbai. Mint
  • RANK 3- Delhi, India: The capital of the country and also India’s largest city in terms of area with thriving suburbs like Gurgaon in the South and Noida and Ghaziabad in the East. In picture: Delhi skyline. Mint
  • RANK 4- Kathmandu, Nepal: The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is the most urbanized city in the country. It is also the economic hub of Nepal, and mostly thrives on tourism. Mint
  • RANK 5- Algiers, Algeria: The country’s capital and its largest city is situated on a bay of the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its white high-rise buildings. In picture: A view of the Maqam El-Shahid (martyrs memorial). AFP
  • RANK 5- Bucharest, Romania: The capital of the country is also its financial and cultural hub. The Museums from Romania web site calls it “Little Paris” because of its architecture. In picture: the Piata Universitatii square in Bucharest. AFP
  • RANK 7- Colombo, Sri Lanka: The commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is also its most populous city. The Colombo Metropolitan area is the hub of the country’s major export oriented manufacturing. In picture: A beach in Colombo. Reuters
  • RANK 8- Panama City, Panama: The capital and the financial centre of the country, it has a service-based economy majorly dependent on banking, commerce, and tourism. In picture: a general view of the city. Reuters
  • RANK 9- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Located on the coast of the Red Sea it is Saudi Arabia’s largest port, its second largest city and the principal gateway to Mecca. In picture: A general view of the Jeddah across the sea. AFP
  • RANK 10- Tehran, Iran: The largest city in western Asia and the fifth largest city in the world, Tehran, the capital of Iran is home to 12 million inhabitants. In picture: A view of the shrine of Imam Khomeini’s in Tehran. Reuters