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Syria’s deadly conflict

More than 60,000 people have died in Syria’s uprising and civil war, according to the United Nations (UN), in a struggle that shows no signs of ending.
  • A Syrian flag flutters outside a military barrack in the devastated Baba Amr neighbourhood of Homs, Syria on 2 May 2012. Photos: AFP
  • Syrians gather in Damascus’s Umawiyin Sqare on the first anniversary of the anti-Assad revolt on 15 March 2012.
  • Syrian rebels of the Halab al-Shabah battalion under Al-Tawhid brigade take position during clashes with regime forces in Al-Amariya district, Aleppo on 13 November 2012.
  • A woman reacts as she holds her daughter during an air strike by Syrian air force near her house in the Ahad neighbourhood of Aleppo on 13 September 2012.
  • Syrian government forces run for cover during clashes with rebel fighters at Karam al-Jabal neighbourhood of Aleppo on 11 October 2012.
  • Protesters burn tires and waving independence flags during an anti-regime demonstration in the Daraya, Damascus on 4 February 2012.
  • Body of a Syrian child is pulled from rubble after an aerial bombardment from government forces in the Ahad neighbourhood of Aleppo on 11 September 2012.
  • On on 9 June 2012, Syrians carry the coffins of people who were allegedly killed during an offensive by government troops in Daraa.
  • A Syrian boy holds a toy gun in Atareb, Syria.