Super technology at the Consumer Electronics Show

A look some of the unusual gadgets featured at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.
  • Dancing Robots: Vietnam’s Tosy Disco Robots on display at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Las Vegas Convention Center on 9 January in Las Vegas, Nevada. AFP
  • Eating Manager: A woman tries out the HAPIfork which keeps track of the number of fork servings you take, measures how fast you are eating and alerts the user with lights and vibration if you are eating too fast. Reuters
  • Wireless Computer: Attendee Jeremy Enos tries out a wireless, wearable computer by Kopin. The hands-free computer was designed for a firefighting application and can stream both regular video and infra-red cameras. Reuters
  • Matrix Technology: Audi’s revolutionary Matrix Highbeam and Laser beam fog light technology was introduced during the show. AFP
  • Body-meter: Claire Hobean models the Re-Timer during the Show. The product helps reset your body clock by shining a green 500 nanometer light over your eyes. It is beneficial for frequent fliers and shift workers, Reuters
  • Wear your camera: Panasonic’s HX-A100, a wearable camera is on display at the 2013 International CES. AFP
  • Care for plants: A Parrot Flower Power wireless device is displayed on top of an iPad. The device monitors the condition of your plants and sends a visual alert if a plant needs attention. Reuters
  • World’s first 3-D video wall: Attendees wearing 3-D glasses watch the world’s first ‘3-D video wall’ during a presentation at the LG booth. AFP
  • Drone with a camera: A Parrot AR. Drone with video camera flies on autopilot at the electronics show. New movie-making software features are coming this year for the quadricopter, a representative said. Reuters
  • Touchscreen Gloves: Moshi Digits touchscreen gloves on display. The gloves are also specially wired so they can be used to control smartphone screens. AFP
  • Electric Curtain: An electric curtain made of light wires is seen at the GSaudio booth.