Photo Essay | Like moths to a flame

For the Blind Relief Association in Delhi, the annual Diwali Bazaar renews hopes of a crackling new year
  • A few weeks ahead of Diwali, Som Raj begins working 10 hours a day to make candles for the Blind Relief Association’s Diwali Bazaar. Photographs by Priyanka Parashar/Mint
  • Bimlesh Bharti (in the foreground) fine-tunes scores of handmade paper gift bags. The 20-year-old hopes to teach literature one day
  • Visually-challenged children who live at the Blind Relief Association hostel help to block-print paper that is used to make cards
  • Some of the workers taking a break
  • Raj Kumar has been making candles for 30 years
  • A variety of candle moulds are used to produce differently-shaped candles
  • The sale of candles and diyas starts before the Diwali Bazaar