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In Pics: Water-logged in India

Heavy rains in most parts of India disrupted normal life in major cities with clogged drains and poor desilting leading to water-logging and massive traffic jams. Images of the monsoon mess.
  • photo
    A scooterist makes his way through a water-logged street during a heavy downpour in New Delhi on 20 July. AFP
  • photo
    A flooded street is seen during monsoon rains in Mumbai on 12 July. Reuters
  • photo
    A hand rickshaw puller ferries a passenger through water-logged streets in Kolkata on 30 June. AFP
  • photo
    Schoolboys push their bicycles through a flooded road after heavy monsoon rains in Ahmedabad on 4 July. Reuters
  • photo
    Indian commuters make their way through heavy rains in Amritsar on 20 July. AFP
  • photo
    Children wade through a submerged area after a rain shower in Allahabad on 9 June. AFP
  • photo
    A young student holds up an umbrella while walking with another through a water-logged street in Hyderabad on 11 July. AP
  • photo
    Commuters make their way through a water-logged street after heavy rains in Jalandhar on 9 July. AFP
  • photo
    A Kashmiri couple holds up a plastic sheet as they protect themselves from a rain shower while walking through Srinagar on 20 July. Reuters

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