Tragic bombings in Pakistan kill 115 people

In one of Pakistan’s deadliest days in years, a string of bombings in Quetta, including a twin suicide attack on a snooker hall used by Shiite Muslims, left 115 people dead.
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    Police officials and civilians gather at the scene of the bomb explosion in Quetta. At least 82 people were killed and 121 wounded on Thursday when two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a crowded snooker club in Quetta. Reuters
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    A man pushes a stretcher carring an injured blast victim to a hospital after the bomb explosion. Sunni militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for what was the worst single attack ever on the minority community. AFP
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    Mourners sit beside the coffins of blast victims at a mosque following overnight twin suicide bombings in Quetta. Pakistani Shiite Muslim accounts for around 20 percent of Pakistan’s 180 million-strong population. AFP
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    Security officials examine the site of a bomb attack, the deadliest in Pakistan since twin suicide bombers killed 98 people outside a police training centre in Shabqadar on 13 May, 2011—shortly after US troops killed Osama bin Laden. AFP
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    People take an injured man to a hospital in Quetta which has long been a flashpoint for attacks against Shiites, in particular those from the ethnic Hazara minority, according to an AFP news report. Reuters
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    The site of the overnight twin suicide bombings in Quetta on 11 January. The bombings damaged several shops and nearby buildings. AFP

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