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Slideshow | Barack Obama’s final moments on the campaign trail

After a gruelling 18-month battle with hundreds of rallies, fund-raisers, town hall meetings and three intense debates, it is the moment of truth for US President Barack Obama. A look at the incumbent a day before the elections.
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    US President Barack Obama speaks at his last campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on 5 November 2012. AFP
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    Barack Obama hugs his wife Michelle before he addresses supporters on the last night of campaigning in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Reuters
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    Obama greets supporters after speaking at his final campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa. AP
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    Obama waves at supporters during a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio, on 5 November 2012. AFP
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    Obama calls volunteers from a campaign office in Ohio. AFP
  • photo
    Obama speaks during a campaign rally on 5 November, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin. AFP
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    Former US President Bill Clinton introduces US President Barack Obama during a campaign rally in Bristow, Virginia on 3 November 2012. Reuters

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