Price tag of Rs 3.75 trillion on India’s environmental damage

The annual cost of environmental degradation in India is about Rs 3.75 trillion, or 5.7% of India’s 2009 gross domestic product (GDP), according to a report released by the World Bank on Wednesday. Here’s a look at key aspects of the report.
  • Commuters wait for a bus on a polluted morning in New Delhi on 31 January 2013. Pollution and other environmental degradation cost India $80 billion every year, the World Bank said in a report released Wednesday. AFP
  • An industrial area in Surat. According to the report, outdoor air pollution accounts for 29%, followed by indoor air pollution (23%), cropland degradation (19%), water supply and sanitation (14%), pasture (11%) and forest degradation (4%). Reuters
  • A motorcyclist wears an air-filter in Delhi. The higher costs for outdoor air pollution are primarily driven by an elevated exposure of the urban population to particulate matter pollution that results in a substantial cardio-pulmonary diseases, says the report. AFP
  • The report also focuses on particle pollution from burning of fossil fuels, which amounts to 3% of the GDP along with losses due to inaccessible clean water supply, sanitation and depletion of natural resources. Reuters
  • A woman holds her child while blowing to ignite her traditional stove in the village of Keiyal, Ahmedabad. According to the report, indoor air pollution stems from burning of wood, mainly in rural India. AFP
  • A child drinks water on a beach in Mumbai. A significant portion of diseases caused by poor water supply, sanitation and hygiene, affect children younger than five, the report said. It attributed 23% of child mortality in the country to environmental degradation. Reuters