In Pics: Telangana triggers demand for new states

The decision by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) to accept statehood for Telangana has led to renewed demands from other aspiring states. A look at India’s new states-in-waiting
  • Assam: People demanding the creation of a separate Karbi Anglong state, protest in Assam on 31 July. The demand for Bodoland has also resurfaced after the Bodoland Territorial Council chief Hagrama Mohilari announced a rally in Kokrajhar on 4 August. AP
  • West Bengal: A Gorkha People’s Liberation Front (GJM) supporter attempts to self-immolate in Kalimpong, Siliguri on 30 July. The GJM is demanding a separate state for the Gorkha people in West Bengal which affects the tea and tourism industries. AFP
  • Uttar Pradesh: Potential statehood for Telangana has also triggered the clamour for dividing UP. BSP chief Mayawati had earlier proposed splitting into Purvanchal, Bundelkhand, Awadh Pradesh, and Paschi Pradesh. Saud Iqbal/Wikimedia Commons
  • Maharashtra: Post-Telangana the BJP announced that it will back the demand for the separate state of Vidarbha to be carved out of Maharashtra, with Nagpur as its capital. Sujit Kumar/ Wikimedia Commons
  • Jammu&Kashmir: Indian army soldiers keep guard during a strike in Jammu demanding separate statehood for the Jammu region on 12 February 2001. The demand of bifurcating Jammu from Jammu and Kashmir has been there for decades now. Reuters