Photo Essay | A frozen moment

The marriage of paintings and photographs, with the Himalayas as a backdrop
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    Daybreak at Kufri, a tiny hill station 12km from Shimla. Situated at a higher altitude than Shimla, Kufri allows great views of the ranges, yet Dilwali advises people to avoid this area in summer because there are too many tourists. Photographs by Ashok Dilwali
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    This aerial view of Leh was taken in the first week of March last year, on the way back to Delhi
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    Dilwali considers this photograph his best shot of Gangotri. This image of a sadhu meditating at Gaurikund, Gangotri, was taken on Dilwali’s 12th trip to Gangotri. It is similar to a Roerich painting
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    Mount Kailash, the highest peak in the Kailash range. Dilwali describes this as among the most graceful peaks he has ever photographed
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    An image of the Kanchenjunga massif. Dilwali says this photograph is so similar to a Roerich painting that it seems they could have been standing side-by-side while the former photographed and the latter painted.

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