Pictures: Bangladesh building collapse kills 340

The Rana Plaza building collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh that killed 340 people and injured thousands of others on Wednesday, yet again raises issues about the alarming state of workers’ safety in the country
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    Army personnel and civilians engaged in rescue operations at the site of the building collapse in Savar, on the outskirts of Dhaka. The eight-storey building which housed several garment factories collapsed killing at least 340 people. AFP
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    The incident further highlighted safety problems in the clothing industry in Bangladesh that supplies low-cost products and services to Western retailers. According to news reports, the cracks in the building were already visible on Tuesday. Reuters
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    The dead body of a Bangladeshi youth is seen in the rubble. The incident coming within months of the devastating fire at the Tazreen Fashion factory in November, raises serious concerns about worker safety and low wages in the country. AFP
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    Rescue workers carry a young victim’s body after the collapse. Some 2,000 people were present in the building when it collapsed on Wednesday. The death toll may rise as there are still lots of people trapped under the building's rubble. AP
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    Bodies of victims of the building collapse lie numbered in a row. Bangladesh is the world’s second largest garment exporter. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced a national day of mourning in memory of the victims on Thursday. AP
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    Relatives of the workers swamped the site of the collapse, wailing, waiting and praying for the survival of their loved ones. Here: Johura, 20, holds a picture of her missing husband Motiur Rahman, who was working in the building. Reuters

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