Tragedy strikes Maha Kumbh mela in India

On the most auspicious day - the Mauni Amavasya - of the 55-day Kumbh Mela, a stampede at the Allahabad railway station leads to the death of 36 pilgrims
  • Authorities stand among the bodies of the pilgrims that were killed during a rush-hour stampede at the railway station in Allahabad on the evening of 10 February 2013. AFP
  • A man denounces the police for the stampede that killed one of his relative at the main railway station in Allahabad, even as bodies of other victims lie around. AFP
  • A woman grieves as she sits next to the body of a dead relative who was killed during the stampede. Over three crore people had converged for a holy dip in Allahabad to mark the holiest day on the Kumbh mela calendar AFP
  • A grievously injured man lies unattended during the stampede. Besides the 36 declared dead, a number of injured people are still being treated in hospitals. AFP
  • Policemen carry bodies of travellers killed in the stampede which occurred at 7 p.m. on Sunday evening when people were rushing to catch trains back home and a foot over-bridge reportedly collapsed due to the heavy rush. AFP
  • Women grieve for their relatives after part of a railing from a bridge collapsed at Allahabad railway station. This year’s Kumbh mela was marred by accidents as a blaze injured 15 people earlier. Reuters