Meet the E2O

India’s first connected and intelligent solar powered passenger car is ready to roll out
  • The Mahindra Reva plant in Bangalore uses natural light to lower its carbon footprint. Photographs: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint.
  • The assembly line of the E2O does not use power to move the vehicle across the different processes.
  • The drivetrain test produces power as the wheels turn; power generate during the process is stored in a battery and used in the plant.
  • The four solar panels that charge the E2O—the panels can be arranged in any way, across different parts of the home.
  • The E2O plant generates 35% of its energy requirements using solar panels on campus.
  • The assembly cages allow workers easy access to all parts of the car.
  • The solar charging panels at the Mahindra Reva plant in Bommasandra, Bangalore.
  • Engineers at the plant discuss a production issue in the plant that is designed to use natural light.