Mint Mediclaim Ratings

Family Floater Plan
Sum Insured: 20 lakh , 2A+2C
Family Floater Plan
Sum Insured: 10 lakh , 2A+2C
Individual Plan
Sum Insured: 5 lakh
Individual Plan
Sum Insured: 10 lakh
Eldest person age 35 yrs
Eldest person age 45 yrs
Eldest person age 65 yrs
S.No. Insurer Product Overall

Updated: 10th Jan, 2015
  • Products published on the websites of insurers or available through company call centres have been considered.
  • Information drawn from public sources.
  • Products as on 15 December 2014.
  • Where location determines premiums, Delhi has been selected.
  • Where products have a third-party administrator (TPA) and a non-TPA rate, the TPA rate has been taken.
  • Where a maternity and a non-maternity cover option is available, the non-maternity plan has been selected. If such an option is not available then the maternity product has been considered
  • Where there is a co-pay in certain situations such as package rates, diabetes or hypertension we have rated the product assuming there is a co-pay.For example, Iffco Tokio's Swasthya Kavach plan.
  • In the criterion of disease-wise capping, we have considered capping on non-cataract treatment only.
  • Health insurance products of life insurers have not been considered because relevant claims information is not available.
  • Claims payment information for FY14 used unless otherwise mentioned:
    • Cigna TTK: Q1 and Q2 of FY15 used since company commenced operations this year
    • Future Generali: Corrected information provided by the company has been used
    • HDFC Ergo: Q1 disclosure has claims closed = claims settled + claims repudiated. So we have assumed claims closed as zero to be consistent with other quarters
    • ICICI Lombard: The claim settled numbers in first half have been corrected to mean claims approved so as to be consistent across analyses
    • Iffco Tokio: Published quarterly data not properly reconciled and has small errors
    • L&T: Published quarterly data not properly reconciled and has small errors; Q2 closing claims different from Q3 opening claims; includes co-insured claims. Co-insurance claims have not been removed because this information is not publicly available across insurers
    • Liberty Videocon: Commenced operations only in Q4 of 2014
    • National Insurance: Q3 data not properly reconciled. Small margin of error
    • Oriental Insurance: Published annual claims numbers have been taken directly from the insurer as Q4 public disclosure is not available on the website; data not properly reconciled and has small errors
    • Religare Health: Minor corrections made to published data based on company’s feedback
    • Royal Sundaram: Published annual numbers not reconciled. Over a 10% margin of error
    • SBI General: Small inconsistencies in Q4 information. Company provided corrections have been built in
    • Tata-AIG: Corrected numbers sent by Tata-AIG used. Factors in Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana claims

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