Mint Mediclaim Ratings

Family Floater Plan
Sum Insured: 20 lakh , 2A+2C
Family Floater Plan
Sum Insured: 10 lakh , 2A+2C
Individual Plan
Sum Insured: 5 lakh
Eldest person age 35 yrs
Eldest person age 45 yrs
Eldest person age 65 yrs
S.No. Insurer Product Overall
(out of 1)
Premium in case of a floater policy is decided by the age of the senior-most member and the size of the family.
2A+2C stands for two adults and two children.

Disclaimer: SecureNow has collected premium information from different sources such as policy brochures, website and company data. Hence a margin of error of 5% needs to be factored in.

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