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On government’s advisory to TV channels to restraint their coverage of protests
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First Published: Mon, Dec 24 2012. 11 53 PM IST
Photo: Sunil Saxena/Hindustan Times
Photo: Sunil Saxena/Hindustan Times
Even as the government was getting ready to block roads leading to India Gate and shut Metro stations on the route, the ministry of information and broadcasting (I&B), on Sunday night, sent out a message to television news channels, asking them to display restraint in their coverage of protests over the weekend that came in the wake of a gang-rape of a young woman last week.
I&B minister Manish Tewari told reporters on Monday that the message was merely an advisory and not an attempt to gag the media. The advisory was as ham-handed as the efforts of the Delhi Police (which reports to the Union home ministry) to shut out the protests using force—an act during which several policemen, non-violent protesters, even journalists (including a Mint photographer who was hit on the head) were injured.
Clearly, the state seems to have more of a problem with the message and the messengers than it does with the heinous act itself.
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First Published: Mon, Dec 24 2012. 11 53 PM IST
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