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First Published: Mon, Dec 09 2013. 09 39 PM IST
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Air India’s Dreamliner fleet has had 136 ‘minor’ problems: Ajit Singh

Boeing 787 Dreamliners are being grounded for maintenance, civil aviation minister tells Parliament
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Air India’s Dreamliner fleet has had 136 ‘minor’ problems: Ajit Singh
Between September 2012 and 27 November 2013, 136 minor technical snags have occurred on the aircraft and have been fixed by Boeing/Air India technical teams with alacrity, civil aviation minister Ajit Singh said. Photo: Hindustan Times
New Delhi: Air India’s Dreamliner fleet suffered 136 “minor” technical problems between their delivery since September last year and till late last month, civil aviation minister Ajit Singh has said.
All these problems were fixed by the airline’s and Boeing’s technical teams, he said in Lok Sabha. Observing that a Boeing team was currently in India to upgrade the software in these planes, he said each Boeing 787 Dreamliner is being grounded for ten days since the beginning of this month for maintenance and these upgrades.
Since September 2012, when the plane’s induction began, till 27 November this year, “136 minor technical snags have occurred on these aircraft which were fixed by Boeing/Air India technical teams with alacrity,” he said in reply to questions.
Observing that Air India was constantly in touch with Boeing on the issue of technical reliability of these new aircraft, he said a team of engineers and technicians from the American manufacturer was installing a reliability enhancement package involving upgrades to the software and components in the aircraft. The Boeing team is also involved in the root cause analysis and evolving remedial measures, he said.
Regarding a panel falling out of the belly of one Dreamliner as it landed in Bengaluru few months ago, Singh said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) was probing the incident and its report is awaited.
On the overseas battery-fire incident this January involving the same aircraft operated by a Japanese carrier and consequential grounding of Dreamliners the world over, the minister said the requisite rectification was carried out on the battery units of the aircraft of Air India, following which the planes were put back in service in May.
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