“Botox and booze” parties curbed in Australia

“Botox and booze” parties curbed in Australia
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First Published: Thu, Mar 22 2007. 11 38 AM IST
Updated: Thu, Mar 22 2007. 11 38 AM IST
Sydney: Australian health authorities have moved to rein in “Botox cowboys” who stage parties where cosmetic surgery injections are offered along with cocktails.
The booze and Botox bashes were replacing old-style Tupperware parties where women were offered kitchenware, New South Wales state Health Minister John Hatzistergos said Thursday.
“It is important that we should protect consumers and do something about ensuring these Botox cowboys are put out of business,” Hatzistergos told reporters.
“The sort of deceptive advertising, the before and after shots, the promotion of these sorts of treatments in social settings where people are drinking alcohol and not in a position to be able to make informed decisions, are totally inappropriate.”
The procedures were being advertised on the Internet and newspapers, and were being carried out by doctors and beauticians, leading to a review of the cosmetic surgery industry by the New South Wales state government.
“It is important to ensure that Botox treatment and cosmetic treatment are carried out in an appropriate clinical environment,” Hatzistergos said.
“Doctors are health professionals and should act as health professionals, not as used car salesmen.”
Botched Botox procedures could have serious consequences and the risks should be weighed up by the patient, said Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons spokesman Cholm Williams.
“These are the sorts of things that happen if you have someone who doesn’t have thorough surgical training doing this sort of work,” Williams said.
“The problem with Botox is you’re talking about paralysis in areas of the face. It’s not permanent, but you can look pretty terrible for those three to four months if it’s not in the areas you want.”
Botulinum Toxin Type A, commercially known as Botox, is a powerful neurotoxin introduced nearly two decades ago.
It is used to cure some facial problems but is best known for its cosmetic qualities in paralysing facial muscles and thus giving foreheads a wrinkle-free appearance.
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First Published: Thu, Mar 22 2007. 11 38 AM IST
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