Election Commission ropes in citizens to curb electoral malpractices

Citizens may upload video and audio clips of hate speeches, or distribution of cash or liquor among voters, to the Commission’s website

Photo: Bloomberg
Photo: Bloomberg

New Delhi: To curb electoral malpractices, the Election Commission has come up with a new measure which allows citizens to upload video and audio clips of inflammatory speeches, or distribution of cash or liquor among voters, to the Commission’s website.

The EC has also deployed a unique Android-based software which automatically generates the geographical location, coordinates, date and time of a clip uploaded to it’s website. This will help to weed out fake video and audio clips, and thus avoid confusion among voters and election officials.

“All that a common man needs to do now is to use an Android phone for recording a political meeting, or an instance of illegal distribution of cash or liquor, or any other electoral malpractice in his or her area,” a senior official said.

“The software will automatically find out the coordinates of the area, time and date, thereby reducing instances of fake videos going viral during election time,” he explained.

Sources said that the EC had been in need of such a software due to several instances of inflammatory speeches during elections and it was essential to differentiate between authentic and fake ones.

Once a video or an audio clip gets technical authentication, the EC can take action against the guilty or a candidate under the Representation of the People Act.

The new facility has been set up at the offices of all the Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs) across the country, and instructions have been issued to them to keep the name and identity of such whistle-blowers a secret.

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