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Last Modified: Mon, Dec 16 2013. 09 44 PM IST
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AAP panel to meet on Congress’ response on 18 issues

Arvind Kejriwal posed 18 issues affecting Delhi before Congress after the party decided to extend unconditional support to Aam Aadmi Party
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AAP panel to meet on Congress’ response on 18 issues
Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal. Photo: Prakash Singh/AFP
New Delhi: Top Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders will meet on Tuesday to decide the next course of action after Congress made their stand clear on the 18 issues raised by party leader Arvind Kejriwal.
“We have received the reply from Congress on the 18 issues raised by AAP on Saturday. The party’s political affairs committee (PAC) will meet tomorrow (Tuesday) and decide the next course of action,” AAP spokesperson and MLA from Patparganj, Manish Sisodia, told PTI.
After Congress had decided to extend unconditional support to AAP on Friday, Kejriwal wrote letters to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and BJP president Rajnath Singh seeking their parties’ views on the 18 issues, including passing of Jan Lokpal Bill, full statehood to Delhi, reduction of water tariff and audit of power discoms among others, before moving ahead to form a government.
AAP leader Kumar Vishwas said the party would hold public meetings in 270 municipal wards, put Congress’ reply to the issues and seek the opinion of the people whether AAP should form a government or not. AAP had been sticking to its stand of neither taking support from Congress nor from BJP nor will it support them.
Vishwas, when asked whether going to public would mean wastage of time, said “every party has its way of functioning and ours is of active participation of common man”. “If they have waited for 15 years, they can wait for four more days and everything would be clear,” he said.
Asked if he sees any possibility of fresh election for Delhi assembly, Vishwas said he did want to predict about it and become a “laughing stock”.
AAP finished second in the race for control of Delhi with 28 seats, just behind BJP with 31 seats of its own in the 70-member assembly.
First Published: Mon, Dec 16 2013. 09 44 PM IST
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