Railway Budget 2008 | Introduce EOG system to passenger trains

Railway Budget 2008 | Introduce EOG system to passenger trains
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First Published: Fri, Feb 15 2008. 06 41 PM IST
Updated: Fri, Feb 15 2008. 06 41 PM IST
New Delhi: Industry chamber Assocham has mooted a proposal for introduction of End on Generation (EOG) system initially in about 1500 trains in a bid to make railways more efficient in energy savings and to increase their speed. This will enable the railways to save Rs234 lakh per train annually and usher in a second phase of modernization.
In its pre-railway budget memorandum submitted to Ministry of Railways, Assocham president, Venugopal N. Dhoot said that railways currently use self generation system in a number of trains, which need to be replaced with efficient EOG systems.
End on Generation (EOG) is the system used on fully air conditioned Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains. The system comprises two power cars per train. Each power car has two DG sets and each DG set is rated at 300 kW. These are mounted inside the power car or the entire power car coach which is dedicated for these power plants. The power generated by these DG sets is utilized for hotel load of the train.
EOG concept to step up energy efficiency
According to estimates EOG concepts bring in multiple advantages to railways and release hauling capacity of locomotives while saving energy efficiency by over 90%.
Economic benefits for railways on a conservative estimate with introduction of EOG system can be savings in capital investments with building new trains to the tune of Rs93 lakh per train. Recurring returns in energy savings due to increased operational efficiency can be to the tune of Rs130 lakh per train per annum. Reduction of over all rate of the train can bring in savings of Rs11 lakh per train per annum.
Release of traction hauled loads can improve average speed of coaches. There will be no infringement in revenue earning space of SLR coach as DG sets will be mounted under the coach. Indian railways runs about 1500 passenger trains and if this gets applied to all trains, returns will be substantial.
Introduce lighter EOG system in all locomotive hauled mail/express trains
All mail/ express trains would work on the following lines: each SLR coach to be equipped with 1 unit of underslung diesel generator set. Each DG set will be rated between 300 KW to 400 KW depending on the need.
EOG concept will eliminate axle mounted generator and corresponding battery bank and inverter on each coach and replace it with one unit of DG set under the SLR. A 100% back up in the form of second DG set will be used on the second SLR of the train.
SG coaches need an axle mounted generator (1x4.5 kw per standard coach and 2x25 kw per AC coach), corresponding batteries, inverters, pulley, belts, regulator and battery box. The energy to turn the axle mounted generator comes from locomotive. The conversion ratio of usable hotel load to locomotive energy is approximately 1:2. I.E., the system has an efficiency of 50%. This is a huge and recurring wastage and is used on all conventional mail, express and passenger trains.
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First Published: Fri, Feb 15 2008. 06 41 PM IST
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