Kurien rules out resignation over Suryanelli rape case

Rajya Sabha deputy chairman says the controversy is a conspiracy by his political adversaries
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First Published: Wed, Feb 13 2013. 08 30 PM IST
Rajya Sabha deputy chairman P.J. Kurien.
Rajya Sabha deputy chairman P.J. Kurien.
New Delhi: In the eye of a storm over the Suryanelli rape case that has returned to haunt him, Rajya Sabha deputy chairman P.J. Kurien on Wednesday rejected demands for his resignation saying the controversy is a conspiracy by his political adversaries.
Brushing aside the new twists and turns in the case, he said “there is nothing new in the so-called revelations. It is the same allegations, which the courts had then inquired into and found it humanly impossible.”
At the All India Congress Committee (AICC) briefing, party spokesperson P.C. Chacko, however, parried questions on whether he stood by his earlier remarks that the party will take a decision on the demand for removal of Kurien from the particular post before the Budget session of Parliament. As reporters persisted, Chacko, a senior leader from Kerala, considered to be not on very good terms with Kurien, said “what I have said in Kerala is related to Kerala. Our party position has been explained by my colleague Sandip Dikshit. It has been very clearly spelt out by him.”
Distancing from Chacko’s earlier remarks, Dikshit, who spoke from the AICC podium had on Monday said, “whatever Chacko has said is his personal opinion”.
Initially, Chacko on Wednesday chose not to answer any question about Kurien. Instead, he focused on the issue of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) attack on the government over the VVIP chopper deal every time when a question on the issue was put to him. Later he, however, said “it (re-investigation into the case) is a matter to be dealt with basically by the Kerala government. Party’s role comes only after that. First it has to be dealt by the state government”.
Nudged further, he, however, said,“ I stand by Dikshit’s statement. That is the official statement of the party”. Speaking separately, Kurien replied in the negative about the possibility of his resigning.
“There is no need for that. I have been cleared unequivocally by all courts, by the due process of law. Can anybody resign because some convict is making allegations,” he said.
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First Published: Wed, Feb 13 2013. 08 30 PM IST
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