Poll: Should the odd-even scheme be continued after its trial ends on Friday?

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Photo: Bloomberg
Photo: Bloomberg

The Delhi government’s much-touted odd-even plan to curb pollution in the national capital, which restricted the plying of four-wheelers in the city to every alternate day, will end on Friday, 15 January. As the 15 day trial period of the car rationing scheme comes to an end, opinions are widely divided on whether it should be continued or not.

While the Supreme Court on Thursday refused urgent hearing of a petition challenging the AAP government’s notification on odd-even scheme, there are many who think the scheme is flawed and Delhi does not have the public transport to support it.

Pollution levels remained high in the first few days of the odd-even Delhi traffic plan, while the air quality fluctuated between poor and severe. However last week, PM 2.5 levels (24 hour average) dipped from 280 μg/m3, to 267 μg/m3 and finally to 248 μg/m3 on Thursday. Whether this was because of the odd-even scheme could not be determined. The weather also posed a problem in gauging the actual impact of the plan. (Read more here )

While citizens of Delhi showed the will to pursue a plan that involves personal sacrifice, it is a moot point whether the scheme achieved its avowed objectives.

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