Déjà View | Flawed greatness

Déjà View | Flawed greatness

Can we just stop pretending personalities of historical relevance exclusively occupy opposite ends of the virtuosity spectrum?
Starting South Korea’s new growth engines

Starting South Korea’s new growth engines

South Korea’s new growth strategy should aim to achieve both a demand-side rebalancing and supply-side productivity increases
The spurious debate on the preamble

The spurious debate on the preamble

It is time the Constitution is amended to purge it of all socialist residues
Now boarding for Monte Carlo

Now boarding for Monte Carlo

Is there an efficient, logical way of making the boarding process during air travel less haphazard?
Book Review | The History Manifesto

Book Review | The History Manifesto

Jo Guldi and David Armitage argue that instead of chroniclers, historians should be arbiters and referees of public policy, even policy shapers





Small Picture

Loyalist rebellion

The explosive letter written by
Jayanthi Natarajan
Sonia Gandhi
in November provides ample hints about how the cabinet form of government was undermined from within when
Manmohan Singh
was prime minister. Whether the incidents mentioned in the missive actually took place or not may never be known for sure. Why the letter was leaked so many months after it was written will also stir conspiracy theories.
For now, all it does is throw more light on the way the government of the day was hostage to the erratic leadership of the Congress, while the economy got mired in the resulting policy mess. The environment ministry, headed first by
Jairam Ramesh
and followed by Natarajan, was central to the evolving mess. Non-governmental organizations ran riot. What’s also important is her suggestion that powerful corporate groups held sway in New Delhi. The unique power sharing deal between Singh and Gandhi eventually led to a lot of damage.
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