Quick Edit of the Day

Surgically done

The Indian Army did not just conduct surgical strikes across the Line of Control, it also announced it publicly this time. This shows that the objective of the operation was two-fold: to address the political constituency at home and institute deterrence across the border.

The first is done, the second is a longer-term project. Director general of military operations Ranbir Singh has conveyed information about the operation to his Pakistani counterpart which says, the chutzpah aside, that the army is ready for contingencies that may arise.

Interestingly, the Pakistan Army has refused to admit that Indian strikes happened in Pakistan-occupied territory. The response of the Pakistan Army is more political than that of the politicians in New Delhi.

The generals in Rawalpindi obviously can’t admit they were caught napping by Indian troops. But the generals would be seething. They denied the strike, so will they deny their own response? Indian forces need to be vigilant.

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