2013-Reversing Gears

A collection of essays that puts the year gone by into perspective

Peak Hour

A series that commemorates 60 years of the conquest of Mount Everest


A review of the nine-year tenure of the Congress-led UPA government
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Other Specials

  • Dealing With Big Data

    Dealing With Big Data

    Analysing how Indian companies are dealing with big data
  • Microtalk


    This monthly column explores the curious world of the myths and folk tales of South Asia.
  • Union Budget 2014

    Union Budget 2014

    New and analysis of the Narendra Modi government’s first budget to be presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley
  • Highnotes


    A series on ordinary people with a passion for the arts
  • Operation Blue Star—30 Years Later

    Operation Blue Star—30 Years Later

    Thirty years on, we look at the aftermath of Operation Blue Star, which unleashed a chain of events that included a rare revolt in the Indian Army and the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
  • The World Cup Special

    The World Cup Special

    News, views and analysis on the football World Cup in Brazil
  • First-time voters

    First-time voters

    The impact that the 120 million first-time voters can make on 2014 general election
  • A Guide To Mutual Fund Strategies

    A Guide To Mutual Fund Strategies

    Here’s how to choose the most suitable mutual funds and get the most out of your money
  • Why women are missing from the workforce

    Why women are missing from the workforce

    India today has one of the lowest ratios of working women in the world. Mint examines why millions of women are missing from farms, factories, colleges, and offices.
  • A helping hand for adolescent girls

    A helping hand for adolescent girls

    A five-part series addresses the issues faced by adolescent girls along with commentary from some of the leading philanthropists and experts working in the field
  • The role of boards

    The role of boards

    Mint presents a four-part series on boards and their roles, authored by Ravi Venkatesan, a former chairman of Microsoft India and a member of the Infosys board
  • Privatising Censorship

    Privatising Censorship

    News, views and analysis on the issue
  • Auto Expo 2014

    Auto Expo 2014

    News, views and analysis from Auto Expo 2014
  • Anniversary Special

    Anniversary Special

    In a special anniversary issue, Mint examines the changes that defined the past seven years in Indian and the world
  • World Economic Forum

    World Economic Forum

    New, views and updates from Davos
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