2013-Reversing Gears

A collection of essays that puts the year gone by into perspective

Peak Hour

A series that commemorates 60 years of the conquest of Mount Everest


A review of the nine-year tenure of the Congress-led UPA government
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Other Specials

  • The Ebola outbreak

    The Ebola outbreak

    All the news, views and analysis on the Ebola epidemic
  • The Philanthropy Issue

    The Philanthropy Issue

    Mint chronicles the changing trends in philanthropy and societal attitudes to charitable causes
  • Make In India

    Make In India

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting CEOs of top domestic and international companies in New Delhi on 25 September to advance his ‘Come, make in India’ Independence Day speech to foreign manufacturers—a call he is expected to reaffirm on his upcoming visit to the US. Since taking office in May, the Modi government has laid much emphasis on manufacturing, whose share of economic output has stagnated for decades at around 15%, to create the millions of jobs needed to lift India out of poverty and reduce its dependence on imports. That’s not easy, given India’s reputation as one of the world’s toughest places to do business in, given its record of policy flip-flops, bureaucratic intransigence, deficient infrastructure and a recent phenomenon that critics have termed ‘tax terrorism’, among other factors. On the occasion of the PM’s meeting with global CEOs, Mint takes a look at the kind of hurdles overseas manufacturers face in the country and, in the first part of a series of corporate profiles, features two foreign manufacturers that have overcome such barriers and scripted an unlikely success story, not only selling in the domestic market but also shipping their products abroad.
  • Plain Facts

    Plain Facts

    Data analysis that unravels numbers and tells the stories behind them. Plain Facts will look at a catholic range of topics from development indicators to corporate tax data to cricket.
  • The Poverty Grid(lock)

    The Poverty Grid(lock)

    A look at how spatial identification of poverty could be more effective
  • Train Diaries

    Train Diaries

    A series on train travel by Shoba Narayan
  • 100 days of the Narendra Modi government

    100 days of the Narendra Modi government

    2 September marks the 100th day of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led coalition government, which took office on 26 May after the BJP became the first non-Congress party to win a majority in the Lok Sabha on its own. Mint takes a look at the performance of the government and its failings in the initial days of its five-year term and what it bodes for the future.
  • New Indian Rich

    New Indian Rich

    Mint pieces together a broad sketch of the new rich in India, their consumption patterns and what makes them tick
  • Indian Conglomerates

    Indian Conglomerates

    India celebrates its 68th independence day on 15 August. To mark the occasion, Mint is chronicling the journey so far of 10 leading business groups that were around at the time of independence, and their triumphs and tribulations along the way
  • Dealing With Big Data

    Dealing With Big Data

    Analysing how Indian companies are dealing with big data
  • Microtalk


    This monthly column explores the curious world of the myths and folk tales of South Asia.
  • Union Budget 2014

    Union Budget 2014

    New and analysis of the Narendra Modi government’s first budget to be presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley
  • Highnotes


    A series on ordinary people with a passion for the arts
  • Operation Blue Star—30 Years Later

    Operation Blue Star—30 Years Later

    Thirty years on, we look at the aftermath of Operation Blue Star, which unleashed a chain of events that included a rare revolt in the Indian Army and the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
  • The World Cup Special

    The World Cup Special

    News, views and analysis on the football World Cup in Brazil
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