‘Budget lacking a populist streak could disappoint investors’

Sandip Raichura, CEO of Retail Broking & Distribution and director at Prabhudas Lilladher, warns that a lack of a populist streak in the budget might spark dissatisfaction among investors.

5 min read08:00 AM IST

Kalki Box Office Day 18: Prabhas’ movie drew estimated ₹16.25 crore on Sunday

Kalki 2898 AD Box Office Collection Day 18: The Prabhas-starrer saw its BO numbers rise by 13.24% on Sunday, during the weekend, pulling an estimated ₹16.25 crore net in India on July 14 and ₹579.95 crore net since release.

2 min read10:32 AM IST

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TCS boss Krithivasan: Unafraid of GenAI, unwilling to say the worst is past

CEO K. Krithivasan dismisses fears about Generative AI and expresses confidence that technology will create more jobs. He believes that bringing differentiation to clients is key, not riding a hype cycle.

5 min read

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Apple approves emulator on App Store: How to run classic Windows games on iPhone

Apple surprises by approving UTM SE, a PC emulator for iPhone and iPad, now available on the App Store. The emulator allows users to run older versions of Windows, macOS, and other systems on their mobile devices.

2 min read09:44 AM IST

Here is how to store your mutual funds units | Money Shots Ep 4 with Neil Borate

Simplifying personal finance for you - one step at a time! Tune into Mint Money Shots to know those little tips and tricks on how to manage your money smartly, be it mutual funds, or any other investment vehicle! Partnered with Invesco Mutual Fund

12 Jul 2024

A stormy night and a taxing conversation on the budget

The Union Budget is a week away. Will the finance minister cut income tax rates? ‘Experts’ are dissecting the many budget expectations through WhatsApp messages. But learning from WhatsApp forwards can be misleading. Read this piece instead—we explain how the taxes impact each one of us.

10 min read14 Jul 2024

Is this $1,100 shoe the next men’s status sneaker?

Which super-luxe sneakers are poised to rule in C-suites and private jets? And how do these trophy kicks compare to regular sneakers? Our columnist goes shopping, warily.

9 min read14 Jul 2024

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Congress to launch ‘Haryana Maange Hisab’ campaign against BJP in Haryana today

In the ‘Haryana Maange Hisab’ campaign, the Congress workers will ask as many as 15 questions from the BJP related to the ‘rise’ in drug abuse, the ‘highest’ unemployment in the country and why farmers’ income has not doubled.

1 min read09:29 AM IST

CUET-UG retest from July 15-19 for over 1,000 students who raised complaints

More than 1,000 students across six states had been given question papers in languages not opted by them, calling for a CUET UG retest.

2 min read08:21 AM IST

What happens when two galaxies clash? Check these NASA images to know

Most of the galaxies’ structure is affected by the gravitational pull of their nearby galaxies. At times, it appears as if the two are interacting with each other. Check these 6 NASA images of interacting galaxies captured by Hubble Space telescope

2 min read14 Jul 2024

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Investing ₹1 lakh in this scheme at launch would have swelled to ₹4.76 lakh

An investment made 10 years ago in DSP Focus Fund would have swelled to ₹4.31 lakh by growing at an annual rate of 15.73

2 min read09:37 AM IST

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