Bengaluru: Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd said in a regulatory filing today that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC has filed a patent violation complaint with the US International Trade Commission against the company. As per the complaint, certain design features of Mahindra’s off-road utility vehicle ROXOR infringed intellectual property rights of Fiat’s Jeep design, Mahindra said in a statement.

Mahindra said the complaint was “without merit."

The company and its unit Mahindra Automotive North America have filed a public interest statement with the trade commission and have begun proceedings in a Michigan court to enforce a design agreement that it had executed with Fiat in 2009.

Mahindra is also seeking an injunction against Fiat from proceeding with the complaint, it added.

Fiat had not made a monetary claim in the complaint but has sought a permanent restrain over Mahindra Automotive from importing any parts or components into the US that infringe upon its intellectual property rights, the statement from Mahindra said.