With heavy rain lashing India, water logging, traffic snarls are a common sight. Is your car prepared to face the monsoon?

Here is a checklist:

1. Check tyre pressure and grip. Bald tyres are dangerous and can cause accidents, especially during the rainy season.

2. Make sure wipers are functioning properly.

3. After the scorching heat comes the rainy season, so prepare your vehicle for it. The most important thing a car needs is a service check in order to avoid skidding on wet patches.

4. Brakes are the most crucial part of a car. Clean the brake pads and replace if needed.

5. Do not use car covers in the monsoon because moisture and machines aren’t friends.

6. To provide protection against soiling, it’s better to switch to rubber mats in the rainy season.

7. Ensure car headlights are clean and there are no loose electrical connections.

8. Avoid driving through puddles. If water enters the exhaust pipe, it can damage it.

9. The AC of the car should be in proper condition. Due to humidity and moisture, fog appears on the windscreen. Switch on the AC and defogger, it will dry out. The car’s AC should be in proper working condition.

10. Do not let rain water sit on your car, it will affect the paint. Use wax polish which will help protect the car’s paint and outer body.

You also have to be careful not to drive on inundated streets, over open manholes and potholes, and through roads that tend to be flooded after 5-10 minutes of rain.

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