Hyderabad: Five months after it acquired rival food chain Paratha Post, Indian speciality fast food chain Hello Curry Pvt. Ltd is starting a new product line called Hello Paratha that serves stuffed parathas and toppings.

Hello Paratha will be available at 21 outlets in four states, thanks to a new business framework where the company ties up with local restaurants to cook and deliver its food.

Under the model, called KICK (kitchen in commercial kitchen), Hello Curry will bear expenses related to food and packaging while the partner kitchens take care of cooking and delivery, enabling Hello Paratha to expand at a faster clip in the Indian food space.

The Hyderabad-based company is partnering Pune-based food chain EatSome to cook parathas at 12 outlets in Pune, and deliver them to customers under Hello Paratha branding. EatSome earns most of its revenues selling wraps or stuffed Kolkata-style rolls although it also sells curries and biryanis.

“For an entity like Hello Paratha, it takes at least seven years (to expand at this scale). With this KICK model, we would open this in 21 outlets in two weeks," said Raju Bhupati, Hello Curry’s co-founder and chief executive. “This is a radical shift in the food industry business."

Hello Paratha has been piloting the model at EatSome’s Pune eateries for two weeks, where it was “very successful," Siddharth Joshi, co-founder of EatSome said. Three-year-old EatSome, which recently entered the Hyderabad market, plans to deliver its wraps from Hello Curry’s kitchens in Bengaluru.

The KICK format opens up newer revenue streams for restaurants besides enabling better use of existing infrastructure. Partner restaurants take a 20-25% commission on each sale. Apart from saving costs associated with setting up kitchen infrastructure, the KICK model saves time spent in scouting for a location and arranging additional financing, besides enabling faster expansion, Bhupati explained.

Wherever necessary, Hello Curry installs a small format floating kitchen measuring 40 sq.ft. in an existing commercial kitchen. In some cases, it provides equipment such as freezers to the restaurant partner.

Hello Curry has signed up two restaurants in Hyderabad, three in Bengaluru and one in Delhi under the KICK format. It is talking to seven restaurants to enter Chennai under the same format, even as it establishes its own kitchen infrastructure, Bhupati said.

“We will continue to establish our own kitchens. This (KICK model) is another enabler," he said. The company plans to open 150 Hello Paratha outlets across the country over the next 8-12 months by tying up with restaurants, and by opening outlets and small format kiosks.

Apart from existing markets, the company sees potential in Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

“We are poised for large scale expansion for Hello Paratha. We are trying to engineer Hello Paratha in a 8X4 sq.ft. space at some locations," Bhupati said. The kiosk and KICK models, for example, would work very well in Mumbai and Delhi markets, where the costs are “radical".

Backed by investor Sashi Reddi who has pumped in Rs6 crore in two tranches in seed funding, the 18-month-old company operates 18 outlets in Hyderabad (eight) and Bengaluru (10). It plans to open three more outlets in Bengaluru over the next one month.