Mint Quiz #19

Mint Quiz #19

Famous ad tag lines in tourism

1. This tag line and image originated in 1977 when Milton Glaser, a graphic designer, was working on a marketing campaign for New York city. Glaser designed an image that became a major success, primarily because of the placement of the image on plain white T-shirts, which made it a commonly recognized symbol. Which image/tag line?

2. This phrase was the title of a poem about New Zealand, written by Thomas Bracken, published in 1893 in a book entitled Lays and Lyrics: ____ ____ _____ and Other Poems. This evocative phrase came to be used by New Zealanders to describe their homeland’s beauty. However, the phrase is best known to us today because it has been used by an Indian state as an ad tag line to promote tourism. What phrase?

3. Which recent campaign won the Pacific Asia Travel Association’s Grand Award in 2007 for marketing tourism?

Recent acquisitions by Indian companies

4. This Canadian firm, involved in aluminium rolling and aluminium can recycling, was spun off from Alcan’s rolling division and incorporated in January 2005. On 11 February 2007, it entered into an agreement to be acquired by an Indian company. Which company?

5. Which company was created by a merger of the former companies Aceralia (Spain), Usinor (France) and Arbed (Luxembourg) in 2002?

6. Which company was formed from the merger of Koninklijke Hoogovens NV with British Steel Plc. on 6 October 1999?

Japanese electronics companies

7. The founder of this Japanese company invented a mechanical pencil. After the 1923 earthquake, the company designed the first Japanese radio sets, and went on to became a giant in electronic goods, marketed them under a variant of the brand name used for the pencil business. Which company?

8. Founded in 1918 and named after its founder, this company sold duplex lamp sockets. Post-World War II, it made radios and appliances and is Japan’s largest electronics producer, with semiconductor sales among the global top 20. Its name?

9. In 1910, Namihei Odeira founded an electrical repair shop. Now it makes computers, and power and industrial systems. Its name literally means ‘sunrise’. Which company?


Famous ad tag lines in tourism

1. I love NY.

2. God’s own country. Now used by Kerala.

3. Incredible India.

Recent acquisitions by Indian companies

4. Novelis, which was bought by Hindalco.

5. Arcelor, which was acquired by Mittal Steel.

6. Corus, which was acquired by Tata Steel.

Japanese electronics companies

7. Sharp. Named after the company’s first product — Ever-sharp pencils.

8. Matsushita.

9. Hitachi.