Lufthansa pilots vote to go on four-day strike

Lufthansa pilots vote to go on four-day strike

Frankfurt/New Delhi: Pilots at German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG voted Wednesday to go on a four-day strike over wages and potential plans to move jobs to lower-paying subsidiaries, the union said. It is unclear if the India operations will be hit as a result. Lufthansa India said could not offer any immediate comments.

Lufthansa is one of the largest European carriers flying into India with 52 weekly flights to seven Indian destinations.

The pilots’ Vereinigung Cockpit union said the strike will begin midnight Monday and that at least 90% of the members from Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and the airline’s subsidiary Germanwings voted to strike.

Lufthansa in a statement said the strike is unreasonable and would greatly hurt the company, workers and customers.“In the interest of the company and its customers, Vereinigung Cockpit is requested back to the negotiation table to work out a constructive solution. Lufthansa will do everything to keep the effects as minimal as possible for customers and passengers."A strike could affect 4,500 Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and subsidiary Germanwings’ pilots. It could potentially cause massive disruptions in delays and cancellations across the country, Europe and internationally.