Surya plans to replace bulbs with eco-friendly lamps

Surya plans to replace bulbs with eco-friendly lamps

Hyderabad: “Owing to the environmental concerns, one of the largest manufacturer of Lighting Surya Roshni Limited has decided to reduce the production of traditional bulbs in a phased manner and replace it with more eco-friendly lamps," a top official said.

“The European Union has drafted a plan to switch over to low-energy bulbs from high power consuming bulbs by 2011-12. Surya Roshni, too, has decided to convert itself to energy efficient lamp manufacturer by gradually cutting down production of traditional bulbs," Surya Roshni Limited Chairman and MD Jaiprakash Agarwal said.

“We have already begun the process for large scale production of energy-saving lamps at our units. Though a particular time-frame cannot be set for stopping the production of conventional bulbs," he said.

“Bulbs are cheaply available and hugely popular in rural areas and the Indian government has so far no plans to ban production of conventional bulbs," Agarwal said.

Agarwal said that Surya Roshni has launched a nation-wide campaign for creating awareness about conserving energy and educate more than one lakh retailers on the use of energy efficient lamps.

“This campaign will help in reducing electricity bills and Green House emissions," he said.

“We have launched Tube Lights with 15,000 hours life, CFL lamps with world’s best PH+ technology and lamps having Inbuilt Power Stabilizers," Agarwal said.

“Surya Roshni is targeting to achieve Rs1,500 crore turnover from lighting and lighting components in the next three years, from its present turnover of Rs500 crore," Agarwal said.