Siemens Enterprise sees 20% growth in India this fiscal

Siemens Enterprise sees 20% growth in India this fiscal

New Delhi: Unified communication provider company for business organization Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEC) on Wednesday said it expects 20% business growth in the country in 2011-12.

“We are seeing India as a high growth market for next five years. Riding on this, we expect our at least 20% growth in India," Anil Kumar Jain, managing director, SEC said, after signing India-specific partnership agreement with IT company Fujitsu.

Jain said stiff competition among businesses is pushing demand IT and Communications infrastructure in the company.

“Next three years are crucial for us to capture market share in India. Our partnership with Fujitsu today has made us one-stop shop for IT and Communication services."

Under the partnership agreement signed among both the companies, SEC will use IT solutions including data centre equipments of Fujitsu.

This partnership between both the companies is specific to Indian market and will be implemented in other global markets after seeing the outcome.

“All verticals in India are growing at an average rate of 15 to 17% annually. We want to align ourselves with this growth and test result of this partnership before taking it to other markets," Mark Wilson, senior vice-president for Middle East Asia and India Region, Fujitsu Technology said.

Talking about the potential business in India, Jain said the company sees opportunity in replacement and greenfield business.

“Out of the total market, around 60% is greenfield operation where there is demand for completely new infrastructure and 40% demand is coming for replacement," Jain said.

SEC will work jointly with Fujitsu for both the markets in India.