Mint quiz

Mint quiz

Currencies named after personalities

1. This Spanish conquistador founded the settlement of Santa Maria la Antigua del Darien in present-day Panama. In 1513, he became the first European to lead an expedition known to have reached or seen the Pacific from the New World. The currency of Panama is named after him. Which currency?

Balboa. Named after Vasco Nunez de Balboa.

2. In 1821, he became the first President of Gran Colombia, which was a federation comprising of much of present-day Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador. He is revered as a hero in most parts of Hispanic America because he led the fight for independence in many areas. The currency of Venezuela is named after him. Which currency?

Bolivar. Named after Simon Bolivar.

3. He was a Spanish conquistador who founded the cities of Granada and Leon, and is considered the founder of Nicaragua. The currency of Nicaragua is named after him. Which currency?

Cordoba. Named after Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba.

Comics publishing brands

4. In the mid 1930s, Major Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson founded three comics magazines—More Fun, New Comics and Detective Comics. His firm was named Detective Comics Inc. after the third of these magazines. When this firm merged with National Allied Publications, it continued to be known by its colloquial name which was a variant of Detective Comics Inc., before this colloquial name was officially adopted. Which comic brand?

DC Comics. From Detective Comics Inc.

5. This comic brand originated in 1941. The character it was named after was promoted as “America’s newest boyfriend". Which brand?

Archie Comics

6. This is the largest comic book publisher in India. TV shows made on this company’s characters include Shaktimaan and Captain Vyom. Which company?

Diamond Comics

Milk products brands of Indian states

7. The brand name used by the Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd is named after a place located 46km to the north-east of Bhopal, which is the location of a famous religious monument. Which brand?


8. The brand name used by the Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd gets its name from a mythical wish granting cow who was the daughter of Kamadhenu. What brand name?


9. How do we better know Anand Milk Union Ltd?