Mahindra Satyam says some large clients returning

Mahindra Satyam says some large clients returning

Kolkata: Indian IT services firm Mahindra Satyam has gained 32 new customers in the last four months, and some large clients are returning to the company, a top official said on Tuesday.

“Some of the large clients we had lost earlier are coming back and are reassigning new business," Atul Kunwar, the company’s president of the Middle East, Europe, India and Asia Pacific regions, said on the sidelines of an industry conference.

The company, earlier know as Satyam Computer Services, currently has about 420 clients, he said, compared with 480 in January before it was left battling for survival after Satyam’s founder revealed India’s biggest corporate fraud.

Satyam was acquired by Tech Mahindra in an auction in April and subsequently renamed.

The number of employees the company has on reserve has come down to 7,000 from 8,500 in July, Kunwar said.

“With the business improving and new deals coming in, we have slowly started taking in employees from the virtual pool."