Chicago: Global healthcare imaging equipment giant, General Electric Co (GE), is eyeing India in a big way and plans to come out with more affordable and hand-held products to penetrate the country’s vast rural market.

“We have really invested in lower-cost technologies - hand-held ultrasound, simpler lower cost CTs instead of expensive ones to help with the expansion into these rural areas to make the products more affordable and accessible," president and chief executive officer (CEO) of GE Healthcare, John Dineen, told the news agency.

A new non-invasive imaging system developed by General Electric. Photo: Bloomberg

The approach identified in the last 3-4 years has been to re-look technology and create it for the poor with the mission of “In India-For India," he said on the sidelines of the 97th Annual Radiological Society of North America Meeting where the company had showcased its cutting-edge imaging products.

GE has come out with products like VScan costing $ 7,000 for developing countries instead of the expensive LOGIQ E9 machine costing $140,000, he said.

“In India, China, healthcare system is just as sophisticated as US or Europe, but they’re also lower. What we see - India and China is bimodal - there are higher-end systems and also rural healthcare systems are much less sophisticated," he said.

London-based GE has launched nearly 40 products this year and is planning to introduce 60 products next year with reduced dosages of radiation.