Mercedes Benz launches its pre-owned car business in India

Mercedes Benz launches its pre-owned car business in India

New Delhi: Mercedes Benz India Pvt Ltd. launched its used or pre-owned car business in India on Monday, under its Proven Exclusivity Program, which was launched globally last year. The company aims to target the first time Mercedes buyer looking for an upgrade into the premium car segment within a price point of Rs15-18 lakh as also fleet owners, according to Wilfried Aulbur, managing director and CEO of the company. Each of these pre-owned cars will not be more than six years old, from the date of their re-sale.

“We have already more than 30,000 Mercedes (cars) on the roads, so there is a huge potential for supporting customers who want to trade in their vehicles, and supporting people who want to enter the Mercedes Benz family but don’t want to enter at the price point of a C-class, want to enter at a lower price point, say at Rs15-18 lakh price point," said Aulbur.

The company will also invest in a city bus segment body manufacturing unit in Pune, with the buses likely to be launched in the third quarter of 2011 in the cities of Pune and Bangalore while later, with the introduction of a CNG variant, it will also target cities like Delhi.

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